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BIOmetric device with RFID attendance recorder & access control system

Cloud Based & Inhouse system

Efficient automated solution for managing accurate employees attendance across different verticals. Capable of handling any  numbers of users

biometric device

Biometric Fingerprint/RFID Attendance System

If you want to automate the time tracking activities, undoubtedly, you must need a fingerprint/RFID attendance machine for your organization. It can track an employees IN and OUT time by recording each entry and exit real time. It can reduce considerable manual work by getting the required reports online.

Main advantage of using Biometric device is, it cannot be duplicated as every individual fingerprint is unique. It provides additional security for access to right person which protects the environment from unauthorized access.

These Biometric devices can help schools and colleges including their hostels in a greater way by

  • Verify their identities
  • Take their attendance
  • Allow them to enter the classroom

It can track students movement at all places and time spent at each location including their entry and exit times. It can be integrated with SMS and EMail features which can send automated messages based on the configuration.


Lets check some of the main advantages of using Biometric Fingerprint/RFID attendance management system. 


Why A Biometric Attendance System Should Be Used?