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Biometric Attendance and Access Control Solutions

Biometric Device and Access Control Solutions is widely used to increase security level of verification. When ever someone passes through the gate, they have to identify either through Fingerprint or RFID Card or by Face Recognition to gain access.

biometric attendance

Biometric Access Control For Different Verticals


Biometric with Face Recognition Access

Face Recognition Access Control


Access Control Restricted Gate


About Biometric Access Control

Ensures zero proxy as it cannot be shared or copied. Biometric device maintains its own database of user access and records “In” and “Out” time.


These records can be fetched from the device at any point of time including real time for further processing and reporting. It maintains accurate time of Employee working hours.


It is very easy to integrate with any existing system to process payroll, HR Related activities and others.

Advantages of using Biometric Device

Maximum security

Less Manual Work

Biographical Features are Unique

Rules out duplication


Cost Efficient