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Best Retail POS Billing Software and inventory management

POS Billing Software – Ensure smoother function and manage your entire retail operations. Manage your Retail Stores and food & beverage business. – Efficient management tool & modules like sales, inventory, purchases, customers, finances & more to capture the data related to all business activities and get powerful business insights. Create & Print Professional Invoices & with integrated GST Billing & Return Filing.


Seamless Billing and Inventory Management POS Software

Instantly record sale with customer data with our simplified yet powerful POS Billing application. Get strategic insight of the business with current stock status where ever you are. 

Easy to use Billing Software

Secure Billing Software

Multi Location Billing Software

Customer Database Management

Touch Screen Enabled Billing Software


GST Reports for Return Filing

POS Billing Software for Restaurants & Hotels

Control and Manage your entire business with our cloud based business solution from Purchase, Sales, GST Filing, Stock Balance with audit option.

Common Features of POS Software

Multi Store Billing

Our Cloud based POS Billing Software is capable of integrating multiple stores. It can operate online or offline mode with faster data synchronization. Options are provided to view storewide or as a complete business.

Easy Invoicing

With its simple interface and keyword shortcuts makes invoicing at a faster pace. Invoice can be generated using barcodes already configured. Daily sales cash can be managed better using our POS Billing Software.

Mobile Billing

User friendly mobile application that are accessible in Mobiles, Tablets, Touch Screen Monitors to generate sales bill, accept payment, verify stock, view reports and more.


It is very easy to add products or items with barcode affixed to it by just scanning the product barcode and adding the total quantity in stock. New barcodes can be generated for non barcode products.

Manage Finance

Finance is the back bone for any business. With our POS Billing Software, you can track the daily sales as well as Expenses and payments to be made to take appropriate decision.

Online Order Integration

Orders from online ecommerce systems can be integrated with our POS Billing Software which can be processed on time and stock can be maintained centrally. 

Immediate Communication

While offering any promotional packages, customers can be notified using SMS or Whatsapp to increase the sales. Also Invoice that are outstanding can be communicated to the customers for timely payment.

CRM & Loyalty Plans

With Customer database repeat and non repeat customers reports can be generated and used for analysis. Customers purchase patern can be analyzed using purchase history. Promotional plans can be designed to provide loyalty plans to improve sales.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is a key to success. Based on a sale or purchase, products are updated automatically which provides real-time stock data at any point of time. Low stock can be alerted for restocking.

Integrated Accounting

Real time information of Sales, Purchase, Expenses are entered and viewed with immediate reflection. GST Reports are generated automatically.

Supply Chain Management

Stocks can be monitored and reordered based on low stock alert or by centralized monitoring system based on the sales.

Order Acceptance

Sales orders can be converted to invoices on acceptance and processed. It allows to track and manage the orders at ease.

Accept Digital Payment

All modes of payment like cash, card or QR payments and Sodexo can be accepted and captured using our POS Billing Software.

e- Invoicing

In this digital world rather than printed bill, invoice can be generated online and the link to view the invoice can be shared with the customers.

Data Backup

Backups can be created on the server or on any of the online storage which can protect business from data loss as per your choice and can be restored incase of any mishap.

Multiple Reporting

Wide range of reports like sales, cash flow, expenses, inventory, GST and more can be generated which helps the business to track and take any corrective action. Reports can be viewed using our Mobile app while you are on the go.

Data Security

We take utmost care to keep your business data safe by encrypting it where the data can be accessed only by your business. We also provide option for external backup which the business can opt for.